We Make Old Appliances Run Like New Again

Appliance Repair in Syracuse ,NY

You get to enjoy the benefits of a new refrigerator or stove without the big price tag when you call Tuttle and Rapid Appliance Service in Syracuse, New York. We provide service for most major brands of residential appliances.
Whether your stove won't heat or your refrigerator won't cool, we do the work that makes it operate like new. Also, we offer complete appliance installation for your new purchases.

We Get Things Cooking

Tuttle and Rapid Appliance Service is an independent, family-owned business. Our technicians have 20 years of experience in the appliance repair and installation industry, and they provide top-quality attention to detail for our clients. When you contact us, you receive first-class appliance services that include convenient appointments to accommodate your schedule, prompt responses, and no overtime charges.
Tuttle and Rapid Appliance Service — Major Appliances Service & Repair in Syracuse, NY